Fast, agile insights for any budget

No time and money for costly and lengthy market research? Get quick insights for less money with CORE!

Use once


No credit card needed

€ 0

/ unlimited

100 participants once

You get

  • 1 module from 15 speed modules
  • Select target group
  • Automated dashboard

Pay only what you need. Suitable for ad hoc insights.


/ single



In addition to Free

  • 15 deep dive insights modules
  • Filter audience
  • Share evaluation

Use regularly

Tip: Save up to 52 %


Continuous insights. Suitable for startups and small businesses.

€ 285

/ monthly

500 participants per month

In addition to Flex

  • Up to 5 modules at the same time
  • Comment evaluation
  • Top insights evaluation

monthly cancellable


Extensive insights. Suitable for medium to large companies.

€ 510

/ monthly

1000 participants per month

In addition to Flex

  • Up to 10 modules at the same time
  • Comment evaluation
  • Top insights evaluation

monthly cancellable

You need something even more individual?

Whether one-off, agile insights or regular insights management - the right package for everyone!


Frequently asked questions

  • In your FREE plan you have 100 free participants. That already gives you great insights. With additional participants you increase the accuracy of the insights and reduce the possible margin of error.

  • With CORE you get a <b>100% satisfaction guarantee</b> in our payment packages. If you can't do anything with the insights, then let us know and we will credit your participants again.

  • CORE is backed by a large international pool of participants. You can select your target group by country, age and gender. You can filter the insights according to the criteria: Gender, age, income, children, education, region, marital status, household size, professional qualification. No biased results, but feedback from your customers of tomorrow.

  • First of all: Your data is secure and private in CORE and only visible to you. Even your survey data and results are private and belong only to you! And how does CORE work exactly? There are many Insights modules in CORE. Each insights module gives you insights on different topics. For example, about your brand, your product, a concept idea, pricing strategy, a design draft or a simple question. To access the insights, simply select one of the insights modules, enter the necessary information, select your target group and start the module. CORE then sends the Insights module to your target group and after a short time you can watch live in the dashboard how the Insights fill up.

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