Survey your target group in just 90 seconds

Survey your target group and receive evaluations, benchmarks and key figures about your brand, your products and concepts.

12 insight modules provide key figures and benchmarks

Price perception analysis

Brand Awareness

Design Test

Product Awareness

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Packaging Test

Poster Test

Logo Test

Ad test

Claim Test

Idea Test

Early Stage Test

Innovation Test

Copy Test

UX Test

Concept Test

Name Test

It is so easy. Ask your target group!

1. Select Insights modules

2. Enter information and select target group

3. Questionnaire is generated and sent to participants

4. Analysis is provided in Dashboard

High quality through unbiased participants

Choose your target group and get insights

CORE is backed by a large international pool of participants. Survey exactly your target group. No biased results, but feedback from your customers of tomorrow.

Built by experts

Ready-made questionnaires save time and enable benchmarks

CORE questionnaires are standardized, which avoids errors and saves up to 2 weeks of project time. They also enable benchmark comparisons and exciting metrics.

All Insighs at a glance

Dashboard with key figures and benchmarks

CORE saves you time-consuming evaluations and provides you with insights, key figures and benchmarks in a dashboard. You can translate your insights directly into actions.


Comment and share insights in your team

Comment and share insights and evaluations with your colleagues. CORE brings you closer together as a team and your brand/product forward.

What CORE customers say

With CORE we have found a fast tool with great advice that gives us valid answers to all key questions about our brands and products within 24 hours.

Daniel Mainka - Marketing Director at Brockhaus

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